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Would you like to talk more about the subjects in the films?

My Blood, My Medicine – What are the stories we are told about our own blood. Let’s look at the myths and realties and our own personal experiences. How can we deconstruct taboos and re-shape the stories about our own bodies and significances.

My Neighbour from the AmazonAbout the quest of constructing honest relationships with nature and people. Let’s come out of our heads and into reality. How can we work together on a global and individual level towards a healthy and hopeful future?

Together we can imagine new rituals and ways of being in relationship to self and the world at large, ones that connect, nurture and inspire us!

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Creating Ritual

How do we create new rituals and ways of being in relationship? With our bodies, our spirits, nature and each other? And how do we integrate this in our daily lives?

Ritual helps us to actively remind us of the things we value and want to multiply in our lives. A ritual is a structure in time and space that allows you to connect to both your own inner universe and the world at large.

Together we search for the elements that help construct a ritual that feels like home and inspires you to connect to what you hold to be sacred in this life.

Moon Cirkel

Together with other womxn we share a space where we can form a container of safety, honesty and abundance. Where we can share our hearts, concerns and inspiration whilst creating new rituals of being into relationship with each other. We explore what it means to be a womxn in this day and age, what we were taught and how we unlearn and create our own definition of who we are. We sing, share, laugh, cry, move and make magic by the simple act of listening and being seen.

One on One

Would you like to work one on one with me on the subjects of menstruation, cycles and ritual? Contact me to explore together how we can connect.